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Designed for hi-Z instrument use, the 611 Series Complimiters are compact and simplified. Still utilizing the 601 compressor/limiter module, the 611 has no make-up gain stage.

Spectra Sonics is known for their proprietary Complimiter circuit. The Spectra Sonics Complimiter circuit features the fastest analog peak-limiter in the world. For decades engineers have used this circuit to "invisibly" remove transient peaks from their tracks. Removing even inaudible transient peaks improves the headroom and performance of equipment downstream of the Complimiter. Now imagine applying this principal at the start of your recording chain BEFORE peaks can cause any performance issues.

The Spectra Sonics Model 611 Complimiter is a hand-built, discrete design utilizing custom transformer I/O that accepts a balanced line input, microphone input, or high-impedance ΒΌ" input and is designed to be placed in FRONT of the mic preamp in your signal chain, thereby eliminating transient peaks as close to the source as possible. Removing peaks before the preamp allows the preamp to more accurately reproduce the source before the recording device.

Additionally, the compressor portion of the Model 611 Complimiter can be used to control the overall dynamic range - everything from evening out a bass track, to making a kick drum boom, or crushing a drum room mic. Plus, its small, portable extruded enclosure makes it easy to dial in sounds in the studio or control room alike. Perfect for producers and session musicians on the go.
  • Dramatic improvement in dynamic range and harmonic content
  • Reduced distortion due to the elimination of transient overload
  • Instantaneous control of dynamic range (compression function)
  • Unequaled Guitar/instrument sonic performance with either passive or active instruments pickups
  • No requirement for de-essing or high frequency equalization
  • Direct termination of microphones (phantom power required)

  • Input pad
    The 32 point, detent type input pad controls the amount of limiting, and/ or compression/limiting that is required. The pad allows for up to 30dB of attenuation.

    Guitar/String Instrument Setup
    The preserve dynamic range as well as optimum noise performance, it is strongly suggested that the guitar/instrument volume control knobs be set 50% or greater with consideration given to preserving sonic quality of the instrument signal output. By systematically adjusting the instrument output knob(s), and the input pad of the 611, the user will establish an optimum output between the instrument and the device.

    Release Control
    The release control knob affects the release time after initial signal compression. Maximum release time, marked "10" on the front panel, will slowly restore gain to the original level.

    Slope Control
    The slope control provides a wide range of compression/limiting ratios from 1.1:1, (linear amplification), to 100:1, or a flat slope. When the slope control is set for minimum compression, the knob is set at "10", thus providing linear amplification of 20dB for input above threshold, (-46dBu).
    When the slope control is set for maximum compression, the knob is set at "0", for a flat slope.

    A flashing threshold LED indicates transients, (peaks), at -46dBu. A constant threshold LED indicates program material.

    Overload Indicator
    The red LED indicates audio levels beyond -20dBu.

    Gain reduction LED Meter
    The gain reduction meter indicates compression, in dBu, relevant to input level and, or, slope setting.
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