Sound Ideas Digiffects SFX Library - Complete Collection on CD


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Over 24,000 Sound Effects in 19 Distinct Collections on CDs or Hard Drive

Digiffects Sound Effects Library provides the full spectrum of sound for your audio productions. It offers 19 distinct sound effects collections and more than 24,000 royalty free sound effects. The original audio recordings were digitally made in stereo providing great clarity and true reproduction of every sound. This library is formatted so that each editor can create atmospheres unique to their own productions. Each sound effect is isolated; making it easy to capture the exact sound required and place it seamlessly in any production background. This wide ranging collection includes both American and European audio alternatives of sound effects such as sirens, crowds and telephones. Choose between the 184 Audio CD or the Hard Drive version of the Digiffects Sound Effects Library.
European and American sound effects
  • Digitally Recorded in Stereo
  • 19 Distinct Sound Effects Collections - available separately
  • 24,420 royalty free sound effects
  • Available on 184 Audio CDs - available to purchase individually

  • Also available on Hard Drive:
  • For Mac or PC
  • Broadcast WAV files with metadata
  • MetaDigger compatible
  • 16 bit/44.1 kHz, 16 bit/48 kHz and 24 bit/48 kHz sample rates
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