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The Classic Channel is not your everyday channel strip, with a surgical equalizer and fast bus compressor.

The Classic Channel is a vintage style and warm sounding channel strip put together from the most famous and classic Tube-Tech gear: The "Pultec" equalizer PE 1C, the mid-range equalizer ME 1B and the tube driven opto compressor CL 1B.

With the two Pultec-style equalizers you can shape the sound of a track, a bus or a mix within seconds. The highs sound smooth and gentle, the mid-range airy and focused, and the lows full and fat, almost at any setting. Add the final touch with the CL 1B compressor, versatile but with a distinct personality. Forget about precise and minute tweaks with 0.1 dB read-outs. The Classic Channel is about the good sound, and the way to get there is easy. Just turn the knobs and you'll see.

Combining the three units in a single plug-in makes adjustments easier, as you will often find that the compressor affects the equalizers and vice versa. By default, the sound passes the equalizers before the compressor, but you can easily put the compressor first with a single switch.


  • Bundle of 4 plug-ins: Tube-Tech Classic Channel plug-in, Tube-Tech CL 1B Opto Compressor, Tube-Tech PE 1C "Pultec" Equalizer, Tube-Tech ME 1B Mid-range Equalizer
  • Individual bypass for each of the three units saves CPU
  • Possibility to change the order of the equalizers and compressor.
  • Classic Tube-Tech sound, created together with the designers at Lydkraft/Tube-Tech.
  • Each and every component carefully modeled.
  • Modeled output transformer.
  • Extremely analog behavior of frequencies, phase, distortion, attack, release, etc.
  • CPU friendly.
  • Manufacturer Part Number : Xchange#: 1245-31


    Richard Sales
    Vancouver Island, BC
    August 19, 2015
    Softube TubeTech Classic Channel is terrific
    It's just incredible. Takes a while to get the hang of the boost and attenuation trick if you haven't used Pultecs before. And sometimes you might find yourself boosting more than you normally would. But with time, you don't boost as much as at first.

    it's a very beautiful sounding plugin.

    You might need another plug in in the chain for more radical stuff. Read more


    Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
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