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Bodypack transmitter with 3-pin connector. Includes (1) EW-DX SK 3-PIN and (2) AA batteries, frequency range: R1-9 (520 - 607.8 MHz)

The Sennheiser EW-DX SK 3-PIN is a digital bodypack wireless transmitter compatible with EW-DX wireless receivers. Lightweight and comfortable for performers and presenters to wear, the bodypack features a rugged, all-metal housing well suited for daily use in conference rooms, houses of worship, or on stage.

The EW-DX SK 3-PIN is equipped with a 3-pin LEMO connector that accommodates the compatible lavalier or headset microphone of your choice, or an adapter cable for guitar and bass. With a remarkable 134 dB dynamic range on its input, the transmitter can handle a wide variety of sound sources, including loud vocalists and performers, connections to musical instruments, and even line-level signals from mixers, all without requiring any gain adjustment.
The EW-DX SK 3-PIN features a mute button that can be locked out and overridden from the receiver or a mobile device during a performance. It quickly pairs with the receiver via Bluetooth at a distance up to 120', at the press of a button.
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