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The Softie Kit, CS-M1 is tailor-made to allow you to capture the best possible audio with the Sanken CS-M1 microphoneÂ… whether for boom pole or camera mounted use.

Comes with a shoe adaptor for easy attachment to a camera hot / cold shoe. (Cable not included)


  • The Softie-Lite is a Rycote slip-on fur-covered screen, designed to complement the Rycote INV-Lite shockmount series with specific short shotgun mics from Sennheiser, Schoeps, DPA, and Sanken.
  • The 'cam-lever' clamp of the INV-Lite grips the mic at the rear only. It allows for faster booming indoors, compared to a standard foam.
  • Compatible with: DPA 4017B and 4017C, the Sanken CS-1e, and the Sennheiser MKH8060 shotgun microphones.
  • Specifications

    Kit Dimensions
    Length (inc fur): 125mm
    Width: 120mm
    InVision INV-6 Heavy mount
    Height: 110mm
    Length: 60mm
    Width: 75mm

    Shipping weight: 236g
    Classic-Softie only: 38g
    INV-6 Heavy mount only: 53g
    (70g with shoe adaptor)
    Kit: 108g

    In the Box
  • 7cm Classic-Softie (19/22)
  • InVision INV-6 Heavy shock mount
  • Rycote Brush
  • Rycote Sticker

  • Mic compatibility
    Sanken CS-M1, Sennheiser MKH8060, DPA 4017B and 4017C

  • Cable, XLR-3M to Angled XLR-3F, 260mm (042277)
  • Manufacturer Part Number : 033395



    Save 10.1%, MSRP $199.00
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