Rycote Baseball Windscreen & Baseball Windjammer Combo 039711


Save 9.2%, MSRP $109.00

The Rycote Baseball Windscreen & Baseball Windjammer Combo Kit (21/22mm) includes a Baseball felt-covered windscreen and a Baseball windjammer

The kit is designed to fit over a shotgun or similarly shaped microphone and greatly reduce unwanted 'swooshes' during fast swings and other rapid boompole movements. It is lightweight and offers increased performance over conventional foam windscreens.

The Baseball is built with open-cell foam and covered in a felt material. It can be used for fast/deep booming and plosive reduction. Additionally, it helps protect your mic.

In addition, the Baseball windjammer is made from synthetic fur especially sourced and constructed to provide maximum wind protection and audio transparency. It is designed to absorb the impact of the wind so it doesn't reach your microphone. The performance of the Baseball Windscreen with the Windjammer fitted is -40 dB wind noise attenuation, across the frequency spectrum.


  • Baseball Felt-Covered Windscreen
  • Baseball Windjammer
  • Increased Performance over Foam
  • Up to -40 dB of Wind Noise Attenuation
  • Specifications

    Mic Compatibility
    Audio-Technica AT4049b, AT4051b, AT4053b, AT4021b, AT4022, AT4041
    Neumann KM180 Series (KM183, KM184, KM185)
    Sennheiser ME64 K6

    Windjammer Compatibility
    19/20, 21/22, and 24/25mm Baseball windscreens
    Manufacturer Part Number : 039711



    Save 9.2%, MSRP $109.00
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