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EasyRig MiniMax
The Easyrig Minimax is great for situations that requires extensive handheld camerawork with cameras weighing from 4.4 to 15.4 pounds If the Easyrig MiniMax spring system is overloaded, the Tripping... View more
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Zoom Q2n-4K
Q2n-4K is promising the same unbeatable audio and new, advancedvideo quality, the camera for musicians just got better. With 4K UHD capability, 12 specialized scene settings and unrivaled sound... View more
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RDE VideoMic NTG
On-camera shotgun microphone with Auto-Switching Microphone supérieur directionnel avec sortis output and USB connectivity.
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Orca Bags OR-48
The Orca Bags OR-48 is the first accessories bag in the world that can be transformed into a mobile audio work station The OR-48 was designed to carry the audio user's accessories together with their... View more
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Zoom Q8N-4K
Handy Video Camera including USB cable, rechargeable Li-ion battery, lenscap, lens hood, XYQ-8n mic capsule The Zoom Q8n-4K is designed to capture professional-grade audio with 4K video in a... View more
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Swit S-3602F
The Swit S-3602F is a 2-ch SONY NP-F charger and adaptor Dual Channel Simultaneous Charging. S-3602F has 2 charging channels, with DC 8.4V, 2A charging output for each channel, and can charge 2... View more
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Tascam CA-XLR2d-C
XLR Microphone Adapter Kit for Canon Cameras Select the Best Microphone According to the Application. Choose the appropriate microphone or input that matches your application. From a single shotgun... View more
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Premium mobile digital stereo condenser microphone, kit includes Manfrotto PIXI tripod, phone clamp, shoemount mic clip, USB-C, Lightning cables, windscreen and roll-up bag The MV88+ Video Kit is... View more
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Swit S-8972
The Swit S-8972 is a SONY L series replacement battery which displays remaining power info & is similar to the SONY NP-F970 S-8972 is the replacement battery for SONY NP-F970, compatible with SONY... View more


Sennheiser MKE 400 On-Camera Shotgun Mic
Highly directional compact shotgun microphone with integrated features for enhanced in-camera audio The MKE 400 is a compact, highly directional on-camera shotgun microphone designed to isolate and... View more
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RDE VideoMic Pro
The RØDE VideoMic Pro is a true shotgun microphone designed for use with camcorders, DSLR cameras and portable audio recorders as a source of primary and reference audio. At the heart of the VideoMic... View more
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RDE VideoMic Pro +
The VideoMic Pro+ is a multi-powered, lightweight true shotgun microphone designed for use with camcorders, DSLR cameras and portable audio recorders as a source of primary and reference audio Still... View more
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RDE VideoMic GO II
Lightweight directional shotgun microphone with on-camera shockmount and foam windshield The VideoMic GO II is designed to make capturing incredible audio incredibly easy.. Ultra-lightweight and... View more


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RDE Universal Thread Adaptor Kit
Universal Thread Adaptor Kit for mounting a range of devices onto any mic stand, boom pole, tripod or studio arm. The Thread Adaptor is a premium universal adaptor kit for mounting a range of devices... View more


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Sennheiser MKE 200
Compact, super-cardioid on-camera microphone with built-in wind protection and shock absorption for enhanced in-camera audio With the MKE 200, capturing audio in noisy environments is no longer an... View more


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Orca Bags OR-10
The Orca OR-6 Shoulder Video Bag is designed for HXR NX 3 ,PMW100/150/200 , Panassinic AG-AC130A/160A/270A, Canon XF-100 XF-300 And similar size cameras The Orca shoulder video bag , is expertly... View more
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Sennheiser MKE 440
The Sennheiser MKE 440 has two aligned and matched mini shotgun mics ensuring that the MKE 440 captures the audio you want The stainless steel micro-mesh wind protection reduces wind noise and... View more
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K&M 19695
Steel universal joint - black. 3/8" with 1/4" threaded adapter female to male thread The flexible universal joint can be used on practically any microphone stand and gives you more freedom than ever... View more


Save 5.9%, MSRP $34.00
Orca Bags OR-12
The OR-12 Orca Shoulder Video Bag. Designed for Sony PMW-300,EX-3, NEX-FS-100, PMW-F5,PMW-F55, Panasonic : AG-AC8,AG-HPX-250,AG-HMC-80 and Similar size Cameras The Orca shoulder video bag is expertly... View more
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Orca Bags OR-4
The Bags OR-4, Shoulder Camera Bag 1 for Sony HXR-NX30, HMC-50,HXR-NX70,NEX-VG30,NEX-VG900, PXC X-70, Sony A7S,Panasonic HC-X1000, Canon XA-10, XA-20,XA-25 and others the Orca shoulder video bag , is... View more
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Orca Bags OR-1
The Orca Bags OR-1 Pouch was specially designed to help the camera operator store and organize their essential equipment. The pouch is detachable, and can easily be relocated from one bag to another.... View more


Beachtek DXA-ALEXA
2 channel studio grade mic pre-amp for ARRI ALEXA, Lightweight carbon fibre construction, high gain pre- amps, multiple included mounting options Made for the ARRI ALEXA Mini - Integrates Perfectly... View more
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2 channel active audio adaptor with XLR input, Minijack input and low-noise preamplifiers. Built in cheese plate, LiPo battery with 10 hours of use, charged or powered by Micro USB Our most popular... View more


Zoom AM7
Mid-Side Stereo Microphone for Android Devices with USB-C Connector The Am7 is the perfect audio companion for your Android device. Ideal for music videos, video podcasts, vlogging and more, the Am7... View more


Sennheiser MKE 200 Mobile Kit
Directional on-camera microphone with Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod and Sennheiser Smartphone Clamp The MKE 200 Mobile Kit combines functionality with efficiency for the ultimate vlogging experience.... View more


Save 13.4%, MSRP $149.00
Beachtek SC35
3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo output cable The Beachtek SC35 Replacement Cable is coiled, features 1/8 (3.5mm) stereo mini connectors, and replaces the cable included with any of our audio adapters.


Orca Bags OR-132
The OR-132 Small size bag was design to carry and protect many types of sensitive equipment such as: Lenses, recording devices, chargers, batteries, small lights and small cameras The bag is well... View more
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Remote Audio CAXSTEMLR5
The CAXSTEMLR5 is an audio input cable for Arriflex Alexa Mini camera.


Audio Technica AT8469
AT8469 Camera Shoe Mount to 5/8"-27 and 3/8"-16 Threaded Base Adapter


Garfield Tape Roll Bungee
The Tape Roll Bungee is for gaffers and sound mixers alike. It provides a convenient means of transporting assorted tape products while working on set. This product is equipped with a convenient... View more


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