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Genelec 8361AWM
3-way active nearfield monitor with DSP and Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDCTM) driver technology. White painted finish The largest of our coaxial point source monitors, the 8361 offers extremely... View more
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Focal Shape Twin
The Shape Twin is a 2x5" 2.5-way active studio monitor designed to deliver reliable monitoring accuracy for audio engineers, producers and musicians in home, project and studios
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Grace Design m905
High fidelity stereo monitor controller (includes remote) silver finish The m905 is our second generation stereo monitor controller, engineered from the ground up to provide unrivaled audio playback... View more
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Neumann KH 870
The Neumann KH 870 is an active studio subwoofer that can be used in music, broadcast, and post production studios for tracking, mixing, and mastering. As consumer technology advances at ever faster... View more
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API MC531 Monitor Controller
Desktop Monitor Controller featuring one main and two altenate stereo outputs, seven selectable stereo input sources, plus built-in Talkback mic. Building on its rich heritage of manufacturing the... View more
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Trinnov Audio MC16 Processor
Multichannel monitoring optimizer with 16-channel optimizer license for up to 9.1.6 surround sound systems, and analog I/O via DB25 Multichannel Processors 16-channel Optimizer for a wide range of... View more
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PSI Audio A25M - Red
High-powered 3-way main / mid-field reference monitor features a staggering precision of +/- 1.5 dB tolerance between 38Hz and 20KHz. Red colour. The tweeter unit is hand-crafted in-house in order to... View more
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Sennheiser IE 400 Pro Clear
The warm in-ear monitoring sound of the IE 400 PRO with its rich, noticeable punch is the right choice for professionals who wish to take their accustomed studio sound Even at high sound pressure... View more
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Aviom A320
The Aviom A320 Personal Mixer gives performing and recording musicians simple, intuitive control over their monitor mixes. The A320 gives musicians powerful control over their mix. With many of the... View more
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Focal Listen Pro
Focal Listen Pro circum-aural closed back headphones are the essential work tool for music production. Their tonal balance and precision in terms of audio spectrum make them perfect to evaluate the... View more
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8" Master Reference Monitor. Next Generation Systems for Post and Broadcast Production in Control Rooms and Trucks. The first in JBL's new 7 Series line, the 705i and 708i models answer the call for... View more


Save 17.6%, MSRP $3400.00
Kali Audio IN8V2
Active 3-way studio monitor with 8 inch woofer Project Independence. Kali?s IN-Series monitors are some of the most innovative studio monitors ever made. Combining the natural advantages of a 3-way... View more
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Save 22.5%, MSRP $710.00
Heritage Audio RAM System 2000
The RAM System 2000 is a monitor controller with Bluetooth, Multiple Speaker Pair Outputs, DA Converter, Cue Input and Output, Talkback and Headphone Amps Standing for Reference Audio Monitoring... View more
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Save 19.8%, MSRP $1870.00
Focal Shape 50
Shape 50 is the versatile monitoring loudspeaker par excellence. It can be used from 30 away (80cm), and has extended low Hz response (50Hz) considering its compact design. Thanks to this design and... View more
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Bryston 4B3 PRO
Dual channel (stereo) amplifier which is acclaimed internationally as being suited for the finest and most sophisticated sound systems. Bryston's most popular. The 3B 3 and 4B 3 are dual mono design... View more
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K&M 26720
Steel stand for monitors with 3-leg base, stable and solid. Height adjustable with a non-scratching locking screw and additional safety pin, internal cable routing possible.


Save 10%, MSRP $170.00
Barefoot Sound MicroMain 26 (pair)
The Barefoot MicroMain 26 is a 4-way active system with 6 drive units housed in sealed enclosures spanning 30Hz to 45kHz. The ring radiator tweeter is incredibly detailed and produces very wide... View more
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ATC Loudspeakers SCM100ASL Pro (single)
Active 3-way monitor system suitable for larger rooms, based around the same tweeter, midrange and amp configuration as the SCM50ASL Pro The SCM100ASL Pro is using a 314mm bass driver in a larger... View more
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Save 14.3%, MSRP $13299.00
Neumann LH 61 - Adjustable L-Bracket
Mounting adaptor with vertical adjustment. Mounting adaptor with vertical adjustment.. Color: black (RAL 9005)


Save 16.1%, MSRP $249.00
ATC Loudspeakers SCM150ASL Pro (single)
The ATC Loudspeakers SCM150ASL Pro is a further development of the SCM100ASL Pro, featuring an extended bass, greater headroom and a higher dynamic range. The SCM150ASL Pro substitutes a larger 375mm... View more
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Save 14.1%, MSRP $16999.00
Sonarworks SoundID Reference Multichannel with Microphone
Intuitive speaker calibration software to measure and calibrate a multichannel setup Reliable reference sound for multichannel setups. Create with ease on any setup. Accurate speaker measurements and... View more


The SMC - Surround Monitor Controller is a one-point analog volume control and switching matrix for system-independent 5.1 surround and stereo monitoring for any audio application. The advantages of... View more
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Bryston 2.5B3
Dual-Mono Amplifier, 17'' C Series, 135W For some, it's a gateway drug. The 2.5B³ is the least expensive way to get a Cubed Series amplifier, but it's far from cheap. Made with the same materials and... View more
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Austrian Audio Hi-X55
Over-ear, closed-back headphones with High Excursion 44mm drivers, detachable cable, 1/4" adaptor Made in Austria. The engineers at Austrian Audio have designed and produced some of the world's most... View more
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Dynaudio BM 6A
The BM 6A features an electronic 4th order phase-aligned crossover with a crossover point at 2.2kHz, which feeds two high performance discrete MOSFET amplifiers rated at 100W each. The low frequency... View more
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Save 7.4%, MSRP $1619.00
JBL 305P MkII offers stunning detail, precise imaging, a wide sweet spot and impressive dynamic range that enhances the critical listening capabilities of any modern workspace. Patented Image Control... View more
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Save 20.6%, MSRP $340.00
The T8V is an affordable, professional 2-way powered studio monitor with an 8 woofer and ADAM Audio's latest addition to the T Series. Designed around the same technology, features and build quality... View more
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Save 18.9%, MSRP $529.00
Sound Anchors BAREFOOT MM27 - Pair
Sound Anchor ADJ-27 STANDS are designed to make proper placement of your Barefoot MM27 monitors possible. These stands will make your MM27s work better in your studio. The entire sound field will... View more


$1295.00 (Used)
Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO 250 ohm
Studio headphones for mixing and mastering (semi-open), 250 ohms The DT 880 PRO is a reference-class, semi-open studio headphone which combines all strengths of open, transparent headphones with... View more
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Save 32.6%, MSRP $399.00
Beyerdynamic T5
High-end Tesla headphones (3rd generation), closed-back, 32 ohms T5 HIGH-END TESLA HEADPHONES. Whatever we do at beyerdynamic, we continue to focus on doing it better with only the highest standards... View more
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Save 29.4%, MSRP $1699.00
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