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Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 250 ohm
The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO is a professional acoustically open headphone for monitoring and studio applications. Perfect to reduce the ear fatigue. Superior build quality. The DT 990 PRO is an open... View more
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JBL 305P MkII offers stunning detail, precise imaging, a wide sweet spot and impressive dynamic range that enhances the critical listening capabilities of any modern workspace. Patented Image Control... View more


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Zaor Monitor Stand - Black Cherry
The Zaor stands are very well built, sturdy, and of a manageable weight if you need to move them, and quick and easy to adjust. When you are looking for a pair of solid, well built and nice looking... View more
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Avantone MixCube Active Single Black
The Avantone Active MixCube is a powered full-Range mini reference monitors.They are designed to be high-resolution, full-range mini-reference monitors for fixed or remote location. Application.... View more
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Neumann LH 25 - Wall Bracket
The Neumann LH 25 is a mounting bracket for wall or ceiling fastening or for fixing onto loudspeaker stands.


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Sound Anchors ADJ1 - Pair 56'' (Pair)
Sound Anchor ADJ1 Stands make proper speaker placement possible. When monitors are positioned properly on rigid stable platforms they work better period. 56 Inches tall. The entire sound field will... View more


Digital Audio Denmark MOM Monitor Operation Module
The MOM is a monitor controller with talkback, summing, folddown and Speaker up-match The Pro | Mon Monitor Control option enables the AX32 AD/DA Converter and digital matrix, as well as the DX32... View more
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PMC TwoTwo.6 (Pair)
The PMC Loudspeakers twotwo series combines PMC's world-class design pedigree with sophisticated digital signal processing and active amplification. Sold in Pair. From PMC - the producer of true... View more
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Genelec 7360A
The Genelec 7360A SAM™ subwoofer provides accurate low frequency monitoring for all analogue and digital applications and features AutoCal™ and GLM™ technologies The 7360A combines the Laminar Spiral... View more
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Audient ID44
The iD44 features four Class-A console mic pres, the same discrete circuit design found in our renowned recording console the ASP8024-HE and throughout Audient's product range Pristine Converter... View more
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Dangerous Music Source
Just because you're on the move with a portable rig or working in a project studio doesn't mean you should sacrifice a single thing when it comes to monitoring. If anything, these are environments... View more
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Save 22.4%, MSRP $1542.00
Dangerous Music Monitor SR
The Dangerous Music MONITOR ST is an audiophile-grade, multi-purpose monitor controller for tracking, mixing and mastering that won't color your sound. With the SR expansion unit, you can turn the... View more
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Save 16.7%, MSRP $2524.00
The KS112 is an ultra-compact powered subwoofer for installation and highly portable entertainment applications The KS112 is a highly portable, single 12-inch bandpass design subwoofer, powered by a... View more


Save 12%, MSRP $1590.00
Focal Shape 40
Shape 40 is a compact studio monitor from Focal Pro , and the perfect solution for nearfield monitoring. They can be used from 23" away (60cm), and have extended low Hz response Whether you have a... View more
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Dynaudio Core 7
The Core 7 is the most compact model in our range of high-end professional reference monitor systems. This no-compromise two-way design features two class-D amplifiers (one 500W amp for the... View more
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Studio Techonologies Model 74 Central Controller / Model 75 Control Console
The StudioComm for Surround Model 74 Central Controller and Model 75 Control Console work together to provide 5.1 surround and stereo source monitoring capabilities. Along with a full-featured... View more
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ATC Loudspeakers SCM150ASL Pro (single)
The ATC Loudspeakers SCM150ASL Pro is a further development of the SCM100ASL Pro, featuring an extended bass, greater headroom and a higher dynamic range. The SCM150ASL Pro substitutes a larger 375mm... View more


Save 10.5%, MSRP $14295.00
Beyerdynamic DT 250-80 ohm
Beyerdynamic DT 250-80 omh is a lightweight, low profile, closed headphone for broadcast, recording studios and intercom applications (optionally with limiter). The DT 250 is a lightweight, low... View more
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Save 21.7%, MSRP $323.00
Mytek Digital Liberty DAC (Black)
The Liberty DAC PCM/MQA/DSD USB2 DAC designed for high quality music playback and monitoring of all digital audio formats including all high resolution formats The DAC features several digital... View more
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Merging Technologies Anubis Premium
Merging Anubis has multiple workflows. A Monitor controller that also controls your network. A Music recording hub that allows you to network a whole band or orchestra. EVOLVING MISSIONS. Houston,... View more
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Save 26.7%, MSRP $3899.00
ATC Loudspeakers SCM100ASL Pro (single)
The ATC Loudspeakers SCM100ASL Pro is an active 3-way monitor system suitable for larger rooms, based around the same tweeter, midrange and amp configuration as the SCM50ASL Pro. The SCM100ASL Pro is... View more


Save 14.3%, MSRP $13425.00
Neumann KH 870
The Neumann KH 870 is an active studio subwoofer that can be used in music, broadcast, and post production studios for tracking, mixing, and mastering. As consumer technology advances at ever faster... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $6825.00
Sennheiser PXC 480
The PXC 480 offers you superior Sennheiser sound and audio technology fused together with an outstanding design in a high-performance travel headset. Create your own audiosphere. You cannot always... View more
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SPL Performer s800 - Silver
Performer s800 is a stereo power amplifier that delivers 2 x 285 W to 4 ohms loudspeakers. In Bridge Mode it delivers 450 W into 4 oder 8 ohms. Available in Black, red and silver. The Performer s800... View more
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Audio Technica ATH-M3X
The Audio Technica ATH-M3X is a Mid-size Closed-back Dynamic Stereo Headphones. Excellent isolation and powerful bass. Engineered for digital program materials, the ATH-M3X closed-back dynamic stereo... View more


Save 19%, MSRP $79.00
Zaor Monitor Stand - Black Grey
Zaor stands are very well built, sturdy, and of a manageable weight if you need to move them and quick and easy to adjust. When you are looking for a pair of solid, well built and nice looking... View more
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Presonus HP60
Loud, Clear, Custom Monitor Mixes. The HP60 is a 6-Channel Headphone Mixing System that will greatly improve your headphone playback workflow. The problem solver.. "Turn my headphones up!" "More me,... View more
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Save 19.7%, MSRP $559.00
Genelec 8000-402B
Adjustable Wall-Mount Bracket for 8000 Series Nearfield Monitors The Genelec 8000-402-B is an adjustable all-metal wall-mount bracket designed for multi-angle positioning of all 8000 series of active... View more


Save 25.2%, MSRP $139.00
Audient iD22
The iD22 transforms your DAW into a world-class recording system by connecting directly to your microphones, computer and monitors. PRISTINE CONVERTER TECHNOLOGY. iD22 provides two analogue inputs... View more
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Save 9.9%, MSRP $776.00
Focusrite Rednet AM2
The Focusrite Rednet AM2 is a Stereo Dante headphone amplifier and line output interface solution with PoE. A valuable addition to Focusrite's RedNet range of audio-over-IP interfaces, RedNet AM2 is... View more
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Save 20.2%, MSRP $625.00
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