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Genelec 8000-446B
Truss mount kit with an adjustable length feature Position your monitors with this smart truss mount kit. The quick height adjustment feature with three different positioning options (355mm, 430mm,... View more
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Sennheiser HD 300 Pro
The Sennheiser HD 300 PRO delivers a neutral, high-resolution working sound. Its huge depth of detail passes through even in the loudest of environments. Irrespective of whether you are editing,... View more


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Aviom A320
The Aviom A320 Personal Mixer gives performing and recording musicians simple, intuitive control over their monitor mixes. The A320 gives musicians powerful control over their mix. With many of the... View more
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Genelec 8020-408
Stand plate for 8020 Iso-Pod Genelec stand plates are designed for use together with the Iso-Pod that comes with all 8000 Series monitors. The Iso-Pod allows you to tilt the monitor for optimal... View more


K&M 26720
Steel stand for monitors with 3-leg base, stable and solid. Height adjustable with a non-scratching locking screw and additional safety pin, internal cable routing possible.


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Sound Anchors BAREFOOT MM27 - Pair
Sound Anchor ADJ-27 STANDS are designed to make proper placement of your Barefoot MM27 monitors possible. These stands will make your MM27s work better in your studio. The entire sound field will... View more


The SMC - Surround Monitor Controller is a one-point analog volume control and switching matrix for system-independent 5.1 surround and stereo monitoring for any audio application. The advantages of... View more
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Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO 250 ohm
Studio headphones for mixing and mastering (semi-open), 250 ohms The DT 880 PRO is a reference-class, semi-open studio headphone which combines all strengths of open, transparent headphones with... View more
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Neumann KH 870
The Neumann KH 870 is an active studio subwoofer that can be used in music, broadcast, and post production studios for tracking, mixing, and mastering. As consumer technology advances at ever faster... View more
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Focal Alpha 80
Active 2-way near field professional monitoring loudspeaker, the Alpha 80 is particularly ideal for producing music which is rich in bass or which requires high power reserves. This model is composed... View more
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Drawmer MC3.1
Building on the success of the MC2.1, the MC3.1 adds an extended set of features. It is just as accurate and transparent and of the same high build quality. It can still faithfully reproduce what has... View more
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Neumann LH 61 - Adjustable L-Bracket
Mounting adaptor with vertical adjustment. Mounting adaptor with vertical adjustment.. Color: black (RAL 9005)
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Drawmer CMC2
The CMC2 is a compact monitor controller that has been designed to provide the same top quality audio, transparency and accuracy of Drawmer's other monitor controllers Such as the MC2.1 and MC3.1,... View more
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Save 10%, MSRP $502.00
The Adam T10S is a powerful yet compact active 10 subwoofer Equipped with a 130 watt Class D amplifier, the T10S' frequency response of 32 Hz to 120 Hz is tailored to extend the bass response of... View more


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IsoAcoustics ISO-200 (Pair)
The ISO-200 isolation stand is 7.8" (200mm) wide x 10" (255mm) depth and is rated for monitors weighing up to 60lbs. The ISO series is the latest generation of IsoAcoustics stands designed for studio... View more
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Drawmer MC7.1
The MC7.1 Surround Monitor Controller is a combined 7.1/5.1 and stereo monitor controller Designed to provide all the mix checking features required for surround recordings without compromising on... View more
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Save 6.1%, MSRP $2276.00
The T7V is a two-way studio monitor designed for vertical use in a nearfield application The T7V features a 7" woofer that provides bass extension down to 39 Hz, while the U-ART tweeter's diaphragm... View more
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Save 19.6%, MSRP $459.00
Barefoot Sound MicroStack45 (Pair)
The MicroStack45 is a 3-way Active Reference Monitors and Stereo Subwoofers with MEME Technology With the recent introduction of Barefoot Sound's MicroSub45 Dual-Force? technology subwoofer you can... View more
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JBL 708P
JBL 708P is the self-powered reference monitor for critical music recording, film post and broadcast production applications. The 708P leverages new patent-pending driver technologies and JBL's... View more


Save 17.2%, MSRP $3360.00
Austrian Audio Hi-X15
On-ear headphones with High Excursion 44mm drivers, detachable cable, 1/4" adaptor Outstanding Value. The Hi-X15 closed-back headphones are the workhorse of the award-winning Austrian Audio Hi-X... View more


Save 8.4%, MSRP $152.78
The MTC combines volume level control, source switching and loudspeaker management for stereo monitoring with comfortable talkback and cue mixing functions. A fully analog design dispenses with VCAs,... View more
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$899.00 (Used)
Bag End ISUB-18
Self-powered 18" Studio Infrasub and 5.1 Bass Management The ISUB-18 is a self powered professional subwoofer system. It employs bass management, hi pass filtered outputs, a sealed front firing 18"... View more
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Save 15%, MSRP $2956.00
PSI Audio A25M - Red
High-powered 3-way main / mid-field reference monitor features a staggering precision of +/- 1.5 dB tolerance between 38Hz and 20KHz. Red colour. The tweeter unit is hand-crafted in-house in order to... View more
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Grado GT220
Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones with Bluetooth version 5, apt-X/AAC\SBC, headphone battery capacity 50mAH/6hrs, case battery capacity 500mAH/5 full charge, battery life 36hrs Our first true... View more
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Presonus HP4
Crank Your Headphones to 12 with the HP4. A powerful 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier. Now hear this!. Are you and your session players and bandmates tired of straining to hear underpowered headphones... View more


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SPL Marc One
The SPL Control One is a monitor and recording contoller with innovative features and a 32-bit AD/DA converter. Black color
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Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless
High-end Tesla Bluetooth headphones with sound personalization (closed), 32 Ohms The Amiron wireless headphone provides a fascinating spatial and realistic sound due to state-of-the art Tesla... View more
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Genelec 8000-409B
Stable steel floor stand with a broad round cast iron base Height is adjustable using a clamping screw and safety pin. Load capacity 35 kg (77 lb) It features a 38". thread for any of the Genelec... View more


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Avantone CLA-10A
Active Studio Monitor System, 2-way with 7" Woofer, 1-3/8" Soft-dome Tweeter, Pair The Iconic Studio Monitor System is back.. Avantone Pro, in conjunction with the expertise of legendary mixer Chris... View more
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Dynaudio 9S
Studio subwoofer with single 9.5" woofer with aluminum coil, 300W, sealed black vinyl cabinet The Dynaudio 9S subwoofer is designed to complement LYD and other Dynaudio Pro studio monitors, including... View more
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Save 7.3%, MSRP $1509.00
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