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Vanguard Audio Labs V13 gen2 Tube Condenser
Large diaphragm tube condenser mic with 9 selectable polar patterns. gen2 brings upgraded, new components providing a significant improvement in both sonic quality and fit and fin A Large Diaphragm... View more
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Vanguard Audio Labs V44S gen2 Stereo FET Condenser
Upgraded twin 3-pattern 34mm capsules, stereo condenser with VLSM shockmount and M/S splitter box - 2nd generation The second generation Vanguard V44S is a stereo large-diaphragm multi-pattern FET... View more
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Vanguard Audio Labs V4 gen2 FET Condenser
Upgraded 3-pattern 34mm/3m FET condenser with VLSM shockmount The Vanguard V4 is a large-diaphragm multi-pattern FET condenser microphone lovingly crafted by experts over the course of 2 years. It is... View more
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Vanguard Audio Labs V1S
The Vanguard V1S is a matched pair of multi-capsule FET pencil condenser microphones. With a "straight-wire" circuit design, premium cryogenically-treated FET componentry, an unparalleled selection... View more
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Vanguard Audio Labs V1
Multi-capsule FET pencil condenser mic kit with four custom-voiced capsules, heavy-duty shock mount and a transformer coupled FET circuit with "straight wire" design The Vanguard V1 is a... View more
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