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UnderTone Audio UnFairchild 670M II
The UnFairchild features an independent attack and release, M/S modes, metered precision tube balancing and high resolution stepped controls on ALL settings The Fairchild circuit could be one of the... View more
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UnderTone Audio MPEQ-1
The MPEQ-1 is the amalgamation of the UTA EQ and Undertone's custom mic pre It features the same flexible and musical Class A discrete circuitry, the uniquely powerful HP/LP filters, and an exciting... View more
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UnderTone Audio MPDI-4
The MPDI-4 is as musical as it is powerful and flexible. It features 4 individual Mic Preamp/DI circuits housed in a single 1RU chassis With by-passable transformers, switchable output headroom, and... View more
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UnderTone Audio Varicap Cable
The Vari-Cap Instrument Cable is the culmination of years of listening, experimenting and ultimately designing a revolutionary approach to the common instrument cable Finally, a player is able... View more


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