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Orca Bags OR-270
The Orca Bags OR-270 mixer bag was designed to hold and protect the Sound Devices Mix-Pre 3M & 6 M together with the MX-L battery mount. The OR-270 is ideal to use for music recording or few channels... View more
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Orca Bags OR-280
The Orca Bags OR-280 was designed to fit the Pre -Mix series mixers (and any similar size mixers) including the Mix-Pre 10 with the MX-L battery mount. The bag comes with large front pocket to store... View more
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Orca Bags OR-40
The ORCA OR-40 Audio Bags Harness The lightweight and ventilated Orca Harness can be connected to any Orca Audio Bag to help distribute the weight better and relieve the weight while shooting.
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Orca Bags OR-30
The Orca Bags OR-30 is a wearable audio bag providing maximum protection for sensitive gear The Orca Bags OR-30 is the first audio bag in the world to offer maximum protection for the sensitive gear... View more
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Save 6%, MSRP $501.00
Orca Bags OR-28
The Orca Bags OR-28 is designed to hold the ZOOM F8, the Zaxcom Max, Tascam DR70, and similar size mixers The Orca Mini Audio Bag has an internal honeycomb frame, which create a durable "cage" that... View more
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Save 4.6%, MSRP $282.00
Orca Bags OR-48
The Orca Bags OR-48 is the first accessories bag in the world that can be transformed into a mobile audio work station The OR-48 was designed to carry the audio user's accessories together with their... View more
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Save 10%, MSRP $991.00
Orca Bags OR-268
The Orca Low Profile Mixer Bag, OR-268, is a part of the ORCA low profile audio mixer bag collection (OR-268 /270/ 272). The bag was designed to hold, protect & transport The ZOOM F6, SONOSAX SX-M2D2... View more


Orca Bags OR-400
Lightweight and compact, the new Orca OR-400 Sound Bag Harness was designed to carry the smaller Orca audio bags (OR-27, 28, 280, 268, 270 and 272) in combination with the new Zoom F-Series mixers,... View more


Orca Bags OR-436
Orca XLarge Boom Pole Hard Shell Case The new Orca Hard Shell Boom Pole Cases features unique thermoforming technology and provides Ultimate protection for any boom pole.. The cases include a... View more


Orca Bags OR-334
The Orca OR-334 Audio Mixer Bag (Limited Edition) was specially designed to hold the SCORPIO from Sound Devices & The Zaxcom DEVA24 The fully rigid and protective bag offers an external aluminum... View more
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Save 7.5%, MSRP $574.00
Orca Bags OR-27
The Orca Bags OR-27 is the smallest mixer bag from the audio bag family and was designed to hold the new Zoom F-4 mixer. The OR-27, has an internal honeycomb frame, which create a durable "cage" that... View more


Orca Bags OR-332
The Orca OR-332 Audio Mixer Bag was designed to hold the Sound Devices Scorpio, 888, 688, and similarly sized mixers.
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Save 9.9%, MSRP $553.00
Orca Bags OR-272
The Orca OR-272 is a basic, lightweight bag, ideal for recording jobs that don't require a lot of wireless system or accessories. The bag has front and back pockets to hold a small battery or a few... View more


Orca Bags OR-444
The OR-444, ORCA Spinal Support System, OR 3S, is a patented design to help protect and support the audio operators while working outdoors. Our number one goal is to help the operators support their... View more
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Save 1.7%, MSRP $572.00
Orca Bags OR-32
The Orca Bags OR-32 is the world's first audio bag with an aluminum frame, and the first that provides access to the gear inside from 6 directions OR-32 Orca Audio Bag / Mixer bag (for Zaxcom nomad... View more
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Save 7.2%, MSRP $540.00
Orca Bags OR-17
The Orca Bags OR-17 is a magnetic boompole holder Free your hand with the ORCA OR-17 Magnetic boompole holder. How many times have you worked outdoor without having a place to safely or securely... View more


Orca Bags OR-150
The Orca Bags OR-150 is an aluminium antenna holder. The Orca OR-150 antenna holder is made of solid aluminum and was designed to help mount antennas, LCD screens, LED light and other accessories... View more


Orca Bags OR-12
The OR-12 Orca Shoulder Video Bag. Designed for Sony PMW-300,EX-3, NEX-FS-100, PMW-F5,PMW-F55, Panasonic : AG-AC8,AG-HPX-250,AG-HMC-80 and Similar size Cameras The Orca shoulder video bag is expertly... View more
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Save 5.9%, MSRP $406.00
Orca Bags OR-67
The Orca Bags OR-67 Hard Shell Accessories Bag was designed to carry and protect any sensitive equipment to location The top and the bottom of the bag come with thick plastic thermoforming boards,... View more


Orca Bags OR-65
The Orca Bags OR-65 is an XXS Hard Shell Case The smallest of the hardshell fammily bags (OR-65,OR-66,OR-67,OR-68 & OR-69) was design to carry and protect Any sensitive equipment on location.. The... View more


Orca Bags OR-35
The ORCA Bags OR-35 is designed to protect audio gear while shooting outdoors. Ideal for rain or dust protection, the OR-35 is easy to use


Orca Bags OR-112
Orca OR-112 Umbrella is made from high-quality materials with large covering diameter, special aluminum handle with 3/8 female thread that can be mounted to 3/8 Male screw mount The "mount" is a... View more


Save 6.7%, MSRP $89.00
Orca Bags OR-34
The Orca Bags OR-34 offers maximum protection for the sensitive gear inside the bag using a durable aluminum frame, internal honeycomb frame, and layers of foam & EVA Orca Audio Bags OR-34 are all... View more
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Save 5.6%, MSRP $553.00
Orca Bags OR-45
The Orca Bags OR-45 Quick Release was designed to easily and quickly release any microphone or audio holder from any boom pole The OR-45 comes with the 3/8" male connector (Extra 3/8" male connector... View more


Save 10.2%, MSRP $128.00
Orca Bags OR-155
The OR-155 Mounting System was designed to mount mobile devices and audio monitors on any orca sound bag special frame. The Or -155 can be easily mount any mobile phones and up to 7 monitors simply... View more


Orca Bags OR-69
The Orca OR-69 Hard Shell Accessories Bag was designed to carry and protect any sensitive equipment to location. The top and the bottom of the bag come with thick plastic thermoforming boards, which... View more


Orca Bags OR-42
The OR-42 is a pair of bungee cables & spring-loaded carabiner clips that can clipped on to metal/plastic covered loops on Orca audio bags or Orca audio harness or audio/mixer belt When using the... View more


Orca Bags OR-18
The Orca Bags OR-18 Transparent Accessories Pouch set was design to help and organize the user accessories inside the bag with maximum visibility. The kit includes 4 pouches. The kit OR-18 of pouches... View more


Orca Bags OR-19
The Orca OR-19 audio Organizer pouch can be used to securely store microphones, connectors, cables, CF cards and more. Each of the 5 pouches has a zipper. The two top pouches can be disconnected from... View more


Orca Bags OSP-1040-10
Weight distribution aluminum bar for OR-40 Harness The Aluminum Support Bar from ORCA Bags was designed for your OR-40 audio bag harness giving you extra comfort and better weight distribution while... View more


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