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Manley Labs Core
Building upon its 25-year legacy producing revered recording studio equipment; Manley Labs has distilled its CORE technologies from this lineage. 2014 delivers the Manley CORE, an innovative channel... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $3749.00
Manley Labs Reference Cardioid
The Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Microphone has that "finished" sound right out of the box, making it the favorite vocal mic of top producers and voiceover artists alike. This is modern pop music's... View more
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Save 14.2%, MSRP $4649.00
Manley Labs Variable MU
The Variable Mu Limiter Compressor is the GLUE that holds the mix together while crystallizing it into a professional, final product. All-tube, all transformer, an all-American legend. High Pass Side... View more
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Save 14%, MSRP $6799.00
Manley Labs Massive Passive EQ
Colossal, timbre-twisting passive equalization using metal-film resistors, film capacitors, and hand-wound inductors to organically sculpt the tone from subtle to vivid. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND... View more
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Save 13.9%, MSRP $8649.00
Manley Labs Massive Passive EQ Mastering
This is the Mastering Version of the Massive Passive with innovative repeatable, mechanically detented knobs of our own design. Range is clamped down for focus where mastering engineers live and... View more
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Save 13.5%, MSRP $10149.00
Manley Labs VoxBox Combo
The VOXBOX combines the legendary Manley Mono Mic Preamp, the ELOP reborn as a lower ratio compressor, the MID EQ blown out as a full range PEAK-DIP-PEAK EQ and a DeEsser. It looks awesome, but what... View more
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Save 20.4%, MSRP $7699.00
Manley Labs Nu Mu
Smartly engineered to build efficiently and esthetically designed to elicit ravishing compliments from your clients, the Manley Nu Mu breaks new ground in performance and value. Building upon our... View more
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Save 11.8%, MSRP $4229.00
Manley Labs ELOP+
Since the early 1990's, the Manley ELOPĀ® stereo electro-optical limiter has been a tracking hero effortlessly controlling dynamics on countless records around the globe. Well, for starters, we have... View more
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Save 19.9%, MSRP $4029.00
Manley Labs Reference Mono Gold
When fidelity is the goal, the Manley Reference Gold Mic is the solution. Its nimble CK12-style American-made capsule, open grille, and continually adjustable pickup pattern design The MANLEY GOLD... View more
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Save 13.4%, MSRP $8449.00
Manley Labs Stereo Pultec EQP-1A
Two channels for stereo! Both the PEQB and the SPEQ offer transformer coupled balanced output and direct capacitor coupled unbalanced outputs for easy interface and sonic variety. The MANLEY ENHANCED... View more
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Save 16%, MSRP $5699.00
Manley Labs TNT
Two distinctly different channels: On the left, tubes 'n' transformers from the SLAM!'s mic preamp circuit. On the right, an immaculate solid-state mic preamp. Switch in the "60's and 70's" positions... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $4499.00
Manley Labs Reference Silver
Inspired by the Sony C-37A, Manley introduces the Reference Silver. With an American built capsule by David Josephson and a Manley designed circuit, this mic has a warm & rich tone The Manley... View more
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Save 13.3%, MSRP $6449.00
Manley Labs SLAM Mastering
The Mastering Version of the SLAM! features the stereo ELOP and FET limiters in tandem dedicated for mastering controlled by precision switches instead of pots. Proudly from our beginning, we at... View more
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Save 14%, MSRP $13299.00
Manley Labs SLAM
Two class A mic preamps & DI's drive two ELOP and two fast FET "brick wall" limiters to tame any tone one can throw at it. The SLAM! is jammed with tubes, transformers, technology, and tricks. Get it... View more
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Save 14.2%, MSRP $11479.00
Manley Labs Mic MAID
The MicMAID matrix-switcher saves precious studio time and dramatically increases efficiency by allowing for "live" audition of up to four mics and four preamps in any combination. Any mic, any pre,... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $5249.00
Manley Labs Force
From America's premier high-end studio gear manufacturer, the Manley FORCE bursts into 2015 with four channels of vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers. A FORCE of Nature. Your relationship with the... View more
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Save 19.8%, MSRP $4149.00
Manley Labs Enhanced Pultec EQ
Manley's modern take on the Pultec EQ with extra frequencies the original never had; a vastly superior power supply and famous Manley line amps complete the package. The Manley Pultec EQP-1A,... View more
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Save 16.2%, MSRP $3699.00
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