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Lavry Engineering AD-24-200 Savitr
Flagship stereo analog to digital converter New from Lavry, the AD-24-200 Savitr provides improved quality, and ease of use for the most technically demanding recording and mastering studios.. This... View more
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Lavry Engineering Quintessence
The Lavry Quintessence performance exceeds the DA924 for accuracy, transparency, musicality, and dynamic range while providing additional functionality. This DAC includes dual stereo XLR outputs... View more
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Lavry Engineering Synchrony-16
Studio master clock with 12 Word Clock and 4 SuperClock outputs featuring extremely low jitter The Synchrony-16 is an audio purist Studio Master Clock with extremely low jitter outputs. There are 12... View more
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Lavry Engineering LK-Solo
High-quality headphone amplifier The LK-Solo is a half-rack unit which serves two functions:. . 1) A high-quality headphone amplifier with super-accurate analog stepped volume control (half dB... View more
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