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32" x 96" Vnr Slat Panel Oak, 2 units per pack ECOScapes

The walls of a room are common sources of acoustic problems. These hard, flat surfaces allow sound to bounce around the room, leading to intelligibility problems like echo and reverberation. Acoustic problems can be tamed with traditional cloth-based panels, but the visual effect is not always in line with the decor or design of a room.

Ecoscapes Slat Wall panels offer a stylish, modern approach to sound absorption, a solution that you, as a designer or architect, can appreciate. EcoScapes Slat Wall panels take the sustainability and acoustic benefits of eco-friendly PET panels, and add a selection of classy, natural wood veneer finishes, to give any environment a touch of tasteful, high-end style.

Sound. Design.

EcoScapes Slat Wall panels combine the properties of several materials to create a panel that doesn?t just look great, but also offers fantastic acoustic performance. Construction begins with a 0.35?(9mm) thick black PET acoustic panel which will noticeably reduce echo and reverberation in a space.

0.47?(12mm) MDF slats are then laid on top, giving the panel its signature striped look. These slats also have an acoustic purpose, providing diffusion by breaking up soundwaves and dampening sound that would otherwise reflect back out into the room.

Finally, the wood veneer layer is added to the surface of the slats to complete the look.
  • Slat Materials: MDF
  • Veneer: Wood, Varnished.
  • Density: 9.1 lbs/ft3 (145 kg/m3)
  • Dimensions:
    32 x 98? (806 x 2500mm)
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