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The MUTEC REF10 SE120 is a special version of the successful audiophile reference clock generator REF10 that we have further enhanced in terms of signal performance.

The exceptional quality of the original REF10 has been confirmed many times since its launch in 2017 - in numerous reviews from specialized magazines and through enthusiastic user feedback. A clock generator from MUTEC significantly increases the quality of digital music playback, even and especially with demanding highend systems and studio installations. Because it provides the foundation for perfect signal processing in a digital audio chain: the extremely lownoise reference clock.

The "tuning" variant REF10 SE120 outperforms the original model REF10 in this regard considerably. A clearly measurable advantage is the result of a special feature of the REF10 SE120: its much more elaborately manufactured and selected ovencontrolled quartz oscillator (OCXO). This oscillator is selected according to the strictest standards in test procedures lasting many hours with the help of exceptionally precise and expensive measuring technology. The use of such an outstanding oscillator is responsible for the fact that the REF10 SE120 from MUTEC currently delivers - to our knowledge - the lowest phase noise, respectively jitter values in the industry. This outstanding technical performance has a noticeable impact on the sonic result. Precision, transparency, spatiality and dynamics of the musical presentation reach an unprecedented level and will inspire you!

Like the proven REF10, the optimized REF10 SE120 is extremely flexible. Because of its versatile connectivity this MUTEC clock generator can be successfully integrated in a wide variety of configurations while maintaining an easy way of operation. If you want to maximize the sound potential of your compatible DA converter, music server or audio reclocker in every respect, you need the REF10 SE120 from MUTEC!

  • Ultimate audiophile performance enhancement for compatible DACs, master clocks and reclockers by any other brand
  • Ultralow noise high stability clock reference for the entire digital audio chain at home or in the studio
  • Ideal highend upgrade for MUTEC's own MC3+, MC3+USB, and iClock/iClock dp master clocks
  • Stabilization of existing audio video clock generators
  • 10 MHz reference master clock generator with ultimately low phase noise of 120 dBc at 1 Hz
  • Improves and enhances compatible DACs, audio reclockers, music servers and master clocks
  • Engineered around an elaborately manufactured and selected OCXO made in Germany with outstanding low noise
  • Generates a very high slewrate square wave signal for superior lock precision
  • Provides simultaneous reference outputs with 50 and 75 impedance for maximum compatibility with audio components by other manufacturers
  • Eight galvanically isolated, individually switchable BNC clock outputs
  • SubHz optimized, lowest noise power supply for every circuit section
  • Integrated highest quality international linear power supply
  • Highly efficient power line filtering
  • Intuitive user interface with noble appearance
  • Rackmountable for studio use with optional mounting brackets (2 RU)
  • Interfaces
    2 x 10 MHz reference clock BNC output, 50 terminated, unbalanced
    6 x 10 MHz reference clock BNC output, 75 terminated, unbalanced

    Signal Format of all Clock Outputs
    Square wave, 10.000 MHz, 2 Vpp, 50:50 duty cycle

    Clock Generation
    Type: 10.000 MHz ultra-low noise oven-controlled crystal oscillator
    FQ stability when shipped: < +/-0.01 ppm
    FQ stability vs. temperature range: < +/-0.01 ppm within -20 °C to +70 °C (-4 °F to +158 °F)
    Short term stability (Allan deviation) at Tau = 1 s: 2.5 x 10-13 (typically)
    Aging after 30 days operation:
    < +/-0.0002 ppm (per day),
    < +/-0.03 ppm (1st year),
    < +/-0.2 ppm (10 years)
    Warm-up time at +25 °C (+77 °F) : <5 min

    Power Supply
    Type: internal dual linear power supply
    Input Voltage: 90-125 V / 200-240 V, 50-60 Hz
    Power consumption: 12 W during oscillator warm-up, 8 W nominal operation

    Mechanical Details
    Cover size/material/color: 196 x 84 x 300 mm (W x H x D, without connectors and case feet), 1,5 mm steel, black powder-coated
    Front panel size/material/surface/color: 198 x 88 x 8 mm (W x H x D), aluminium, anodized incl. anodic printing or silk screening, black-colored
    Weight: approx. 4350 g (9 lb, 9.5 oz)
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