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The ALP690 is a high-performance LPDA antenna with a bypassable, built-in RF amplifier for use with wireless microphone receivers in location or studio production

Many "gain antennas" (those designs with a directional pattern) are limited in bandwidth, making them awkward for use in multi-channel wireless systems and with frequency agile wireless systems. With VSWR below 2:1 from 450 to 862 MHz, the broad bandwidth of the ALP Series covers a broad section of the band used for Lectrosonics wireless microphone and IFB systems, yet still provides the directional pattern needed to cover long distances.

All ALP Series antennas are constructed of 1/8" FR4 fiberglass circuit board material and are extremely rug-
ged. The ALP620 and ALP650 Series antennas include a protective cover over the BNC connector, making them suited for field production, while the more economical ALP500 is better suited for indoor installation.

The perforated body of the ALP620 makes it resistant to wind loading outdoors. The ALP650 models are "receive only" models, featuring a built-in amplifier with adjustable gain for use with long coaxial cable runs and/or RF splitters.

The antennas can be mounted horizontally or vertically by removing four screws and repositioning the mounting block. This helps to position the antenna away from nearby reflective surfaces to preserve more of the natural pattern of the LPDA design.
  • Selectable RF filtering 470-608 MHz or 470-700 MHz
  • . Directional pattern with 4 dBd RF gain
    . Built-in RF amplifier with adjustable gain for offsetting cable loss
    . Keypad and membrane switches with LED readout for quick setup
    . Automatically switches to passive mode when no DC power is present on the coaxial cable
    . Durable finish and weather tolerant construction for indoor/outdoor use
    . Skeletal structure reduces wind loading
    . Versatile mounting options with the supplied mount and optional mounting adapter kit
  • Skeletal frame decreases wind loading
  • Covers 450 to 850MHz
  • Versatile mounting base: 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, 5/8"-27
  • 1/8" Fiberglass Construction
  • Included: A 3/8"-16 stud (Part #28769)
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