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Compact DSP controlled High-End playback system, including 2 x Kii THREE speakers1 x Kii Control and all necessary cables

The THREE is the first compact speaker that exceeds the clarity of a full size sound system in a large room while its small size means it?s equally at home in much more modest spaces. In fact, smaller rooms will benefit most from the THREE?s controlled bass. Better than big speakers at sounding big and better adapted for small rooms than other small speakers, the Kii THREE is a truly no-compromise product.

Mini Main Monitor
We offer a linear frequency response, a perfect impulse response and phase coherence, but we also pack 1500 watts per speaker divided across six drivers into a compact and lightweight enclosure. The Kii THREE is able to move some serious air, but we didn´t just stop there. Instead Bruno Putzeys invented the Active Wave Focusing technology, that controls the sound dispersion and directs the sound pressure, where we need it to be: Into the sweetspot! Intelligent DSP processing provides the Kii THREE with a cardioid sound dispersion pattern down to the low-mid and bass frequencies, which otherwise can only be achived by very wide baffles, big cabinets or soffit mounting speakers (infinite baffle design). The controlled sound dispersion is the only reason, why a big main monitor system in a good room offers the special feel and impact it does. Even though acousticians and speaker designers know about this task, no other speaker manufacturer has approached a solution to this common problem. We designed the Kii THREE with the acoustical challenges of todays studio setups in mind. It fits everywhere and can be the one and only monitor solution you need for every task. It really is the first "Mini Main monitor system? available. We also think it looks rather beautiful.

All inputs are located on the backside connector panel and can be activated with the touch buttons located around the volume knob. A dedicated input button (labeled XLR) will switch to the existing hardware input on the speaker itself, which you can continue to use as analog or digital input. The Kii Control connects with a single included CAT6 cable and is also powered through this connection. No additional power supply is necessary.Most importantly the Kii CONTROL enables lossless volume control inside the DSP of the Kii THREEs, keeping the signal path of the system as transparent as possible.The big volume knob also offers mute or dim functions and manual power on/off (standby). A dedicated touch button provides direct access to up to six user definable presets.The menu navigation and OLED display vastly expand the options of the Boundary and Contour settings, while also providing access to more advanced system settings, including amongst others for example manual power on/standby, LED brightness, DIM function and limiter indication.The main functions like volume, source and mute can be remote controlled via your IR Remote (RC5 type or Apple Remote).

Work with Kii
Today?s studio business is constantly evolving. Audio software has enabled a democratization of music production, along with some great possibilities and also a lot of challenging changes to overcome for professional engineers. Yet for recording, producing, mixing and mastering a single piece of gear still is as important as it has ever been: the monitoring system! Having a transparent and revealing monitor system that translates your work perfectly to the outside world has become more important than ever. It is the centerpiece of the modern studio. As an audio professional you?re always looking for ways to raise the bar of sonic performance. You want a clear, reliable and consistent advantage over your competition. The Kii THREE system is that advantage.

Whether you work in a major facility, independent recording studio, or from your home studio, a good monitoring situation enables you to work faster, easier and achieve better results everyday. It takes the guesswork out of any decision during a production, so you can be safe and bold with your decisions and move through a project quickly, focussing on what´s really important in the studio: the musical ideas, the artistic expression and the interaction with your clients!

Enjoying success with Kii
Nils Frahm - Recording Artist - Germany
Jacob Collier - two time Grammy Winner - Recording Artist - UK
Bob Katz - Mastering Guru - Florida USA
Fabrice "Fab" Dupont - FLUX Studios New York
MPL Communications - Recording Studio - London
Streaky Mastering - UK
Mario Biondi - Recording Artist - Italy?
Max Richter - Recording Artist - London
Strongroom Studio 2 - Nigel Godrich - London
Christoph Stickel Mastering - Vienna
Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri - England
Shadow Child - Producer/DJ - UK
Ross Hogarth - Multi platinum/Multi Grammy winning ?producer/mixer/engineer?
Jonas Westling - Mixing Engineer - London
Sonnox Ltd. - Plug-In manufacturer - Oxford
Melda Production - Plug-In manufacturer - Prague
Reinhold Mack - Recording Engineer - Munich
NEP Broadcast Services B.V. - OB Van - NL
The Mixbus & The Auxbus - OB Van - England
MarcoAntonio Spaventi Producer, mix and mastering engineer, teacher. - NL
Ken Jacobsen - Los Angeles
Philharmonie Luxembourg - 5.1 Studio?
Moscow Philharmonic - 5.1 Studio
Jerboa Mastering - Belgium
Tobias Wagner Filmmusic - Berlin
Ralf C. Mayer - Stuttgart / Berlin
Vowlume Studios - UK
Jordan Schultz Studio - Israel
Kiko Masbaum - Germany
Theron Feemster aka Neff-U - L.A.
Soundevice Studios - Prague
Spotlight Reclame - Antwerpen
Speakeasy Sound Studio - L.A.
Grace Design Studios - Colorado
Sound and Scripture - Udo Rinklin
2nd Home Filmstudio - Berlin
Wittemann 5.1 Studio - N.Y.
Eckard Gadow - Filmstudio - Berlin
Amir El Kadi - Sound Design - Vienna
Terrasound Studios - Berlin
Manufacturas Sonoras - Madrid
Athanasius Mastering - Greece
Gold Chamber Mastering - Austria
Kalimba Studio - Padova
Naive Recording Studio - Pesaro
Flashmob Studio - Milan
Itay Berger - Barcelona
GTR Recording Studio - Dubai
  • Compact DSP controlled monitor speaker
  • 4x 6.5" woofer, 1x5" midrange, 1" waveguided tweeter, all individually driven
  • Active Wave Focusing crossover filter
  • Integrated tone control
  • Protection limiters
  • Selectable correction for free-standing, near wall or in corner (14 positions)
  • Compact DSP controlled monitor speaker
  • 4 x 6.5? woofer,
  • 1 x 5? midrange,
  • 1 x 1? waveguided tweeter, all individually driven
  • Amplification: 1.500 W full-custom Class D
  • Active Wave Focusing crossover filter
  • Frequency response: -6dB: 20Hz, 100Hz-10kHz: +/- 0.5dB, 10kHz-20kHz: +/- 1dB
  • Integrated tone control
  • Phase response: selectable, linear phase or minimum latency
  • Protection limiters
  • Controlled Directivity: 4.8dB (54Hz - 1kHz, slowly rising thereafter)
  • Size: 20x40x40cm, 8?x16?x16? (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 19kg (40lbs)
  • Inputs: Analogue, AES/EBU, KiiLink, SPDIF, TOSLink, USB on Kii Control.

    Ultra compact controller/preamp/USB Interface for Kii THREE Loudspeaker.
    Additional Audio Inputs:
    1 x SPDIF
    1 x TOSLINK
    1 x USB (up to PCM 24/384 and DSD 64/128)

    KiiLink Output: Power and Data Connection to Kii THREE Master speaker

    Capacitive Touch Buttons:
    Direct Source Access (SPDIF, TOSLINK, USB, XLR)
    Preset (up to 6, user definable)
    OLED Display (full colour)
    New features in Kii Control firmware v.2.4:
    - New simple menu structure
    - Added BXT Menu
    - Improved Bluetooth audio connectivity
    - Eight advanced filters in Pro Menu

    Size: 11cm x 5cm x16cm (W x H x L)
    Weight: 380g

    (We have tested the USB input with streamers and servers from INNUOS, Melco, Lumin, Aurender and Auralic with excellent results.)

    Kii Audio Three Pro Monitor System Includes:
    2x Kii Audio Three Pro Monitors
    2x Power Cables
    2x CAT6 cables
    1x Kii Control with dark grey anodized top cover
    1x USB cable
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