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The Kemper Profiler Rack is the leading-edge digital guitar amplifier and all-in-one effects processor in a 19" rack unit

The Profiler Rack has a 19" enclosure. It offers the same feature set as the Profiler Head. The only differences are that the LED collars are restricted to the Gain knob only, and the two controls for the MOD module have been omitted - the pay-off being that the entire device is only 3 units high.

Hailed as a game-changer by guitarists the world over, the Profiler is the first digital guitar amp to really nail the full and dynamic sound of a guitar or bass amp. This is made possible by a radical, patented technology and concept which we call "Profiling".

For decades, the electric guitarist has been shackled to the tube amplifier as the only means of achieving "that sound". The combination is undoubtedly glorious, but far from ideal - achieving consistent results between practice room, studio and stage presents a significant challenge to guitarists, just as it has since the early 1940s.

With the advent of the Kemper Profiler, everything has changed. For the first time in history, guitar players are free to create their most individual tones -tones that reflect the very essence of their playing style- and then capture them exactly into the digital domain with Kemper's unique technology. Profiling is the key!

Feel like you don't have any tube amps worth profiling No problem!

The Profiler ships with hundreds of amps and Rigs already installed, profiled by professional musicians and engineers that hail from some of the world's top studios. In addition to that you can access and explore another couple hundreds of Rigs preinstalled in our RigManager software. This premier selection of factory Rigs grants you access to the rarest and finest amps on the planet.

We are constantly refining, updating and extending our free-to-use libraries by fine-tuning the existing catalog and by adding brand new licensed content. Our goal is to allow our users to enjoy the full spectrum of guitar culture and heritage, with a vast range of profiles available even within each genre.

Free software librarian to preview, arrange and share your library for windows and macs perfect on stage
Rig Manager opens the door to our free, cloud-based Rig Exchange, granting you instant access to 5000+ Rigs from guitar enthusiasts and studios the world over. You can search by keywords, gain, and all sorts of criteria. Preview and play a Rig from the cloud with the click of a button. Rig Manager is designed for you to create your perfect library of amps.


The Profiler revolutionizes the typical workflow of a recording session. Guitarists can now move freely between projects, as taking profiles of any guitar rigs they use allows them do overdubs or alternative takes whenever they like. You could rent a professional studio for a day or two to create the best profiles of your amps, and then record in your project studio later - you'll have the exact sound of the professional studio, but with all the time in the world.
Think reamping ... Imagine you're working on the final mix of an album - wouldn't it be great to reamp tracks with the exact same sound and response, without having to rebuild the entire recording setup for each song

Playing live is where the Profiler really comes into its own - all the time and effort you put into making profiles in the studio means you can now play live with the exact same sound that you used on your blockbuster hit, only without the need for multiple amp setups on stage. You will sound better than ever before through the PA.

Since the sound of the cabinet you mic'ed in the studio is immortalised in the profile, there is no need to mic a speaker cab on stage. In fact, you don't have to carry a cabinet up on stage at all! You can monitor yourself via the common stage-monitor wedge, and save a lot of backache and cargo costs. Not to mention your band mates (and mixing engineer), who might just love you for leaving this very loud sound source at home!

Of course, you might still be drawn to the raw energy that a real speaker cabinet can bring to the rehearsal room and live stage. The Kemper Profiler is well prepared for this as well - you can still drive a speaker cabinet by either a solid-state or tube power-amp, fed by the Profiler's monitor output. For ultimate convenience, our 'powered' Profiler versions are equipped with a built-in Class D amplifier with up to 600W output. To prevent the amp sound going through two speaker cabinets in a row, the virtual cabinet can be switched off for the monitor output, while remaining active for the main outputs feeding the PA.

Now, as the speaker cabinet is only being used as your personal monitor, you can adjust your volume on stage independently, without affecting the signal volume going to front-of-house.

Let's face it - rocking-out at home is difficult for most of us. Analog tube amps only start to sing at levels where the only neighbors who'll enjoy your 10min rock'n'roll extravaganza will be the ones who live half-a-mile away! The Profiler, however, sounds great at any level.
Play it through your home stereo or through headphones. Use the dedicated 'Space' effect to make headphones a more pleasurable experience, and to reduce ear fatigue. Play along to your favourite music by connecting your MP3 player to the auxilliary in, and then mixing it with the amp signal.
The Profiler is available with a built-in power amp. The digital class-D powerhouse sounds and feels like a tube amp. And, with 600w, you can always be on top of the hill, when needed. Both the Head and Rack versions are available with the power amp option, adding around 1.2 kg (2½ pounds) in weight.

Four independent stomps, chosen from an amazing arsenal of effects. These include detailed models of famous overdrive and distortion stomps, compressor, pitch shifter, LoFi algorithms, and a beautiful rotary speaker.

Share, organize, and backup your personal collection, and connect to Rig Manager on your computer. Preview and access thousands of additional Rigs, free of charge.

Amplifier profiling is a new and unique way to extract the sound and feel of a tube amp and store it away for later use. Profiling doesn't just create a static snapshot; it can give you a deeper control of your sound than your original amp can provide. The response to your playing, dynamics and all other details are captured by the profiling process.

Thanks to a state of the art Hi-Z input, optimized for passive guitar pickups, the signal path sounds crystal clear and can be calibrated for your guitar.

The Stack section consists of the amp, equalizer and cabinet. You can mix and match any amp with any cabinet. You can even tweak a Profile beyond the boundaries of a traditional, physical amp.

The reverb in here is lively, dense and will not mask the original signal. The delay features tape and stereo delay variations and can be sync'ed. Six knobs on the front panel give you instant access to the most important parameters. This section can also hold an additional stereo stomp box.

Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence can be adjusted here. However, in contrast to many vintage amps, the gain control doesn't color the sound. This way, you can tweak your tone to perfection much faster.
  • Dimensions: 37.8 cm (14.88 inches) x 21.7 cm (8.54 inches) x 17.3 cm (6.81 inches)
  • Weight: 5.5 kg (12 pounds)
  • Line voltage: 90-275V AC.
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