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The MADC-8 is an extremely high-quality, eight channel Analog to Digital Converter (ADC).

Eight channel of pristine quality A/D conversion in 1U rack.
  • Housed in a 1U rack mount enclosure, the MADC-8 is designed for the most demanding applications where capturing musical performances with accuracy is required.
  • Sample rates from 44.1k to 192k Fs are selected with a single front panel switch, and LED indicators display the selected sample rate.
  • Digital "clipping" is indicated with a single front panel LED that latches on until the "reset" switch is pressed.
  • Analog circuitry features an all Class A discrete JFET with no IC opamps used in the signal path.
  • The analog inputs use high-quality XLR connectors.
  • The digital outputs provided are AES3 (XLR),SPDIF (RCA), and Word Clock output (BNC) are provided. An additional Word Clock output is available as an option. The MADC-8 digital output word length is fixed at 24 bits.
  • Specifications

    *** MADC-2 Specs ***

    Sample Rates available:
    44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k and 192k

    Level Calibration:
    0 dBu Input = -12 dBFs to -20 dBFs (jumper selected)
    (Other calibration levels available on request.)

    Analog Input Impedance:
    Greater than 10k ohm balanced
    Maximum analog input level is a function level calibration (no analog clipping).

    AES3 (XLR) digital output impedance:
    110 ohm balanced floating

    SPDIF (RCA) digital output impedance:
    75 ohm balanced floating

    WC output:
    +5V (TTL) unterminated. Requires 75 ohm load termination at load.

    Quantization Noise:
    -115 dBFs

    Dynamic Range:
    -119 dB A-weighted

    ADC Latency (Input to Output group delay):
    Fs Time
    44.1k: 1.6 ms
    48k: 1.48 ms
    88.2k: 967 us
    96k: 895 us
    176k: 660 us
    192k: 605 us
    Manufacturer Part Number : MADC-8



    Free shipping in Canada. Conditions

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