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Transformer-based microphone pre-amplifier in a rugged and portable chassis

ISA One features the classic vintage microphone pre-amplifier topology from the original ISA110 module, including the Lundahl L1538 transformer and bespoke zobel network. (The original 110 pre amp formed the cornerstone of each channel of Focusrite's legendary Forte console.)

The pre-amp is complemented by a line input (XLR and TRS Jack) and an independent D.I. channel, complete with dedicated gain control, active or passive impedance switch, a TRS Jack output for routing to an amp and an independent XLR output on the rear. This flexible independent D.I. makes the ISA One ideal both for engineers wishing to blend a D.I.'d guitar signal with a mic'd guitar cabinet, and for demanding performers who require a single classic solution for both guitar and vocals.

A variable impedance circuit has been added, allowing the user to switch between four carefully selected input impedance settings. In addition to the original ISA110 impedance, three further impedance settings allow perfect matching, or creative mismatching of the pre amp with any microphone. ISA One also features an insert point, should the need arise to place extra processing between the pre amp or D.I. and the optional converter. Phantom power, phase reverse and a 75Hz, 18dB/octave high-pass filter are also available from the angled front fascia.

Independent input metering for both channels is provided in the form of a moving coil VU meter with variable calibration to suit analogue and digital recording media, alongside two six-LED peak meters; inputs can be metered either pre- or post-insert. The meter calibrations utilise all the same reference points as Digidesign's Pro Tools HD system, allowing effortless line-up.

ISA One's headphone output features a dedicated volume control, which delivers an external stereo cue mix, (a simple click track, or a stereo mix feed from an interface or a live console,) fed to the headphones via two TRS jack inputs on the rear of the unit.

An optional state-of-the-art stereo A-D converter is also available (the same card as used with the ISA430 Mk II), embodying cutting-edge conversion technology seated within Focusrite's custom analogue circuitry. This optional card can be retrofitted at any time and provides two channels of 24 bit/192kHz A-D conversion with a dynamic range of 119dB.
ISA Series Transformer-based Pre-amplifier
Encased in a rugged and portable chassis, ISA One offers the classic Focusrite microphone pre-amplifier at its lowest cost to date.

Flexible Independent D.I. Channel
ISA One is ideal for both engineers and demanding performers alike, featuring independent gain control, an output for routing to an amp, an independent XLR output on the rear and routing to the optional ADC.

Switchable Impedance
Choose one of four carefully selected input impedances, including the original ISA 110 setting, to suit any microphone.

Optional Stereo 192kHz ADC
This optional card embodies cutting-edge conversion technology, incorporating Focusrite analogue circuitry to deliver the best A-D performance in its class (Dynamic range of 119dB).

Rugged Custom Flight Case
Built to protect your ISA One from the rigors of the road. Rugged plywood construction with a solid polypropylene exterior and reinforced corners.

Headphone Output with Volume Control
ISA One can feed either a sum of the two inputs to the headphones output, or an external stereo cue mix (such as a stereo mix feed from an interface) via two TRS Jack inputs on the rear of the unit.

Dedicated Insert Point
Allows you to place extra processing between the pre-amplifi er or D.I. and the optional converter, such as an EQ or compressor.
Tremblant Qc
September 1, 2019
Son très pur
plus que satisfait. Et la possibilité de travailler à 2 micro avec un adapteur xlr à 1/4 dans le di
November 10, 2017
Bon preamp clean.
Très bon preamp polyvalent avec quelques fonctionnalités extra (Cue Mix, sorties séparées pour le DI et le micro, ce qui permet d'utiliser les deux en même temps). Ce preamp est très clean, excellent sur la plupart des voix. Un classique. Le format Read more
Jean-François Robitaille
Gatineau, QC
March 7, 2017
Plus que très bien pour le prix
J'ai mon ISA One depuis près de 6 mois. J'ai tout fais avec: des voix chantées et parlées, des guits acoustiques et j'utilise beaucoup la DI dessus. Vraiment, c'est difficile de faire mieux pour le prix. Le son classique ISA de Focusrite, facile à utiliser avec toutes les options que l'on s'attend pour ce genre de produit. Read more
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