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Cloudlifter 2-channel mic activator, +25dB in-line microphone preamplifier

Cloudlifter CL-2 Mic Activator is a dual channel, easy to use, compact solution for common audio problems faced in the field and in the studio. Designed for all passive microphones - including ribbons- the CL-2 safely uses any standard phantom powered microphone input device to provide two independent channels of up to +25db of ultra-clean, transparent gain.

Cloudlifters dramatically improve the performance of passive microphone signals by driving stronger, cleaner signals over longer XLR cable runs, making them ideal for broadcast, live, and studio applications. The CL-2 is enclosed in a rugged steel enclosure offering excellent shielding and durability.
  • Gives mics up to +25dB additional active output
  • Two channel, dual mono version
  • Provides 2 distinct stages of ultra-clean gain
  • Easy to use self contained design requires only phantom power, recommended for use with all passive microphones
  • Compatible with tube, battery, or power supply driven microphones - Safe for all passive ribbons with no transfer of phantom
  • Utilizes Patent Pending Discrete JFET circuitry
  • Ideal impedance loading for optimal performance @3Kohms
  • Rugged, road ready and portable, for studio, stage and broadcasting - Free lifetime limited warranty for parts and labor, with registration
  • Handcrafted entirely in the USA
  • Recording direct into a DAW interface
  • Noisy or low gain preamps
  • Mixers/preamps that negatively impact the sound at higher gain setting - passive ribbon microphones
  • Low-output dynamic microphones
  • Miking softer sound sources such as acoustic instruments and voice
  • Long cable runs (output)
  • 5.0
    Archtop Studios
    Woodstock New Brunswick
    March 1, 2018
    Cloud Microphones CL-2 Cloudlifter
    I bought the CL-2 to help give my stereo pair of AEA R-84's the power they needed to sound like they should. My mic pre was a bit short on power to make the ribbon mics preform properly and the CL-2 did a fantastic job. Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars for another mic pre the CL-2 did that job for me and the name of the game is not having to drop large amounts of cash to get the job done. Read more
    June 14, 2017
    Great for what it is
    Does what it says; not the nicest sounding clipping (when it happens) in the world but has saved my life in low volume and big dynamic range situations.
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