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4x10 portable Thunderbolt 2 & USB 2 audio interface with 1 FPGA and 2 DSP processors

A hot-rodded upgrade to Antelope's popular Discrete 4 audio interface, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core gives you dual DSP chips plus an FPGA processor working in harmony to run Antelope's expansive library of effects, as well as 3rd-party effects joining the Synergy Core platform. The Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core interface offers 4 console-grade discrete mic preamps, 14 total inputs and 16 outputs, renowned Antelope digital clocking, and both Thunderbolt and USB connectivity for your Mac or PC. Best of all, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core comes with $4,475 of Antelope's top effects plug-ins included free, so you can record, monitor, mix, and master your projects with world-class sound from start to finish.

With a price-to-performance ratio that goes toe-to-toe with any Thunderbolt or USB audio interface available, the Antelope Audio Discrete 4 is ideal for musicians, artists and producers who need a compact, road-ready recording setup that unlocks unprecedented power to create.

Discrete 4 Synergy Core includes a compelling library of 36 real-time studio effects:
Gyraf Gyratec IX / Tube Mic Preamp
VCA160 / Compressor
Stay-Levin / Compressor
FET-A76 / FET Compressor
VEQ-1A / Tube EQ
VMEQ-5 / Tube EQ
X903 / Compressor / Limiter
FeedForward Antelope Compressor / Compressor
Clear Q / Parametric EQ
Power EX / Expander
VEQ-HLF / Passive High/Low Filter
Auraverb / Reverb
BA-31 / Mic Preamp
Power Gate / Gate
Plexi 59 (UK) / Tube Guitar Amp
Bass SuperTube VR / Tube Guitar Amp
Darkface 65 (US) / Tube Guitar Amp
Top30 (UK) Bright / Tube Guitar Amp
Tweed Deluxe (US) / Tube Guitar Amp
Overange 120 (UK) / Tube Guitar Amp
BurnSphere (DE) Lead / Tube Guitar Amp
Marcus II (US) Lead / Tube Guitar Amp
Modern (US) CH3 / Tube Guitar Amp
Rock 75 (UK) / Tube Guitar Amp
Rock 22.10 (UK) / Tube Guitar Amp
Darkface 65 2x12 / Guitar Cabinet
Top30 2x12 / Guitar Cabinet
Modern 4x12 / Guitar Cabinet
Green 2x12 / Guitar Cabinet
Vintage 4x12 / Guitar Cabinet
Green 4x12 / Guitar Cabinet
Caliper 50 1x10 / Guitar Cabinet
Bluelux 1x12 / Guitar Cabinet
Clst 1x12 / Guitar Cabinet
England 4x12 / Guitar Cabinet
Bass Tube 1x15 / Guitar Cabinet
- Synergy Core - New Milestone Technology & Future-proof FX processing platform
- Best-in-class AD/DA conversion with 121 dB dynamic range
- 25 Synergy Core effects plug-ins included -- a $4,475 value
- Sub-millisecond round-trip latency
- Antelope clocking technology on board with Word Clock output to keep your studio in sync
- Desktop USB/Thunderbolt audio interface with 4 console-grade mic preamps
- 4 XLR-1/4" combi inputs for mic/line/instrument sources
- L/R Monitor TRS 1/4" line outputs plus 4 TRS 1/4" line outs
- Expandable via S/PDIF and ADAT
- 35 effects expansions available separately, including AFX2DAW Bridge
- All effects can be automated in DAW without CPU load, thanks to AFX2DAW Bridge (Mac only)
- Hand-built in a road-worthy metal case

Synergy Core Processing: Future-Proof Your DAW
Under the hood, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core is loaded with twin DSP chips plus an FPGA processor that work together to run Antelope Audio's vast collection of vintage-inspired effects plug-ins -- without sapping power from your host Mac or PC. Synergy Core increases your recording rig's stability by offloading audio effects processing to your Discrete interface's dedicated chips. Adding the Discrete 4 Synergy Core to your system means your DAW can make more efficient use of available CPU power -- extending the life cycle of your existing Mac or PC, so you don't have to upgrade to a latest-spec computer just to run all your favorite plug-ins. With Antelope effects running on Antelope hardware, your system is optimized right out of the box -- allowing you to shorten your audio buffer size, reduce latency, eliminate clicks and pops, and free up your host computer to run CPU-heavy VST synths, samplers, and native time-based effects.

1 FPGA + 2 DSP = More Effects, More Variety
Antelope Audio's industry-leading FPGA audio processing platform gives you lower latency in effects chains, allowing you to stack effects while adding mere microseconds, not milliseconds, to your signal. The Discrete 4 Synergy Core fuses both FPGA + DSP chips in one Antelope audio interface, harnessing the parallel processing power of FPGA alongside the latest-generation state-of-the-art ARM DSP chips developed for cloud computing and mobile tech -- processors that deliver a faster clock rate than other DSP chips used in the audio interface market. This exclusive hybrid architecture offers computing power synergies unique to Antelope Audio, greatly expanding the variety of Antelope effects that can be developed -- including time-based delays, choruses, flangers, and beyond. Your Discrete 4 Synergy Core arrives loaded with 25 Antelope FX included free -- classic compressors, studio EQs, must-have reverbs, tube guitar amp models based on iconic vintage gear -- and all the processing power you need to run them!

Uncompromising Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion Quality
A-to-D and D-to-A converters are at the heart of every DAW-based audio recording and playback system -- and your converters can make or break your studio. That's why the Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core is loaded with proven, best-in-class AD/DA with 121 dB of dynamic range on the analog inputs and monitor outputs -- so you can capture and monitor your sound with Antelope clarity at up to 192 kHz/24-bit resolution.

Comprehensive I/O in a Portable Desktop Audio Interface
The Discrete 4 Synergy Core offers all the same I/O as Antelope's hit original Discrete 4 interface. With both USB and Thunderbolt I/O, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core lets you choose how you want to connect to your Mac or Windows PC. On the front panel, you'll find two XLR-1/4" combi inputs with switchable mic/line/instrument preamps, and four independent headphone outputs -- enough for you and all the artists you're recording. Take a look at the back panel, and you'll see two more XLR-1/4" combi inputs, two 1/4" outputs to feed your monitors plus 4 more line outs to connect to outboard gear, ADAT and S/PDIF digital I/O via optical TOSlink, and two Word Clock outputs to get your studio in sync with Antelope's legendary digital clocking. Hand-built by Antelope engineers to give you extensive analog and digital I/O in a robust, compact unit, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core gives you serious bang for your I/O buck.

Antelope Audio's Proven Clocking Technology
Top recording studios, film and broadcast facilities, and massive live productions rely on Antelope Audio master clocks like the OCX HD and Pure2 to maintain stability and sonic integrity in PCM digital audio. A reliable master clock lies at the heart of every pro studio, and the Discrete 4 Synergy Core wouldn't be an Antelope Audio interface if it didn't offer rock-solid clocking. Loaded with Antelope's 4th-Generation 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core offers two 75-ohm BNC Word Clock outputs so you can expand your studio with more digital gear and clock it all to the Discrete 4 Synergy Core. Add Antelope's industry-leading digital clocking to your studio, and capture recordings with greater clarity, dimension and detail.
Analog Inputs
2 x Mic / Line Inputs
2 x Mic / Line / Hi-Z Inputs

Analog Outputs
1 x Monitor Out on TRS 1/4 Jacks, +20 dBu max
4 x Line Outs on TRS, +20 dBu max
4 x Stereo Headphone Outputs

Mic Preamp
EIN: -128 dBu (A-weighted)
Dynamic Range: -121 dB (A-weighted)
THD: -106 dB
Max input: +18 dBu
Max Gain: 65 dB

D/A Monitor Converter
Dynamic Range: 121 dB
THD + N: -100 dB

A/D Converter
Dynamic Range: 121 dB
THD + N: -112 dB

D/A Converters(Line Out)
Dynamic Range: 118 dB
THD + N: - 100dB
DC Coupled

Digital Inputs
1 x ADAT (up to 8CH)
1 x S/PDIF

Digital Outputs
1 x ADAT (up to 8CH)
1 x S/PDIF

USB 2.0 I/O
USB 2.0 Type B connector

Thunderbolt connector

Word Clock Outputs
2 x Outputs @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 32 - 192kHz

Clocking System
4th Generation Acoustically Focused Clocking
64-bit DDS

Sample Rates (kHz)
32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192

Operating Temperature
0-50°C, 32-122°F

Weight (Approx)
1.7 kg/ 3.7 lbs

Dimensions (Approx)
Width: 261 mm / 10.2"
Height: 44 mm / 1.7"
Depth: 208 mm /8.2"

Power Consumption
15 Watts

In the box
  • Discrete 4 Synergy Core Interface
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Wart External Power Supply Unit
  • USB Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • 5.0
    Vincent Guité
    Montréal, Qc
    April 27, 2021
    Antelope Discrete 4
    Belle machine, les convertisseurs sont A1. Les effets sont A1. Lovin' it.
    February 1, 2021
    Such a great soundcard!
    This is the best soundcard I have ever had. It comes with great software and it just sounds very professional.
    Whyliam Bergeron
    January 7, 2021
    Super produits
    Carte de son élégante, interface intuitive et qualité sonore époustouflante!.. Quoi dire de plus?
    JP Nault
    Montreal QC
    December 20, 2020
    Great product
    Great sounding, well built and flexible interface. Amazing value for 4 high quality preamps, solid clock and conversion from Antelope. I was very impressed with the software and routing possibilities, the onboard DSP and plugins and mostly surprised with the Antelope Edge solo mic and the emulations. Read more
    October 16, 2020
    Solid product
    It's a step up from any others that I've used. Well built easy to use and the on board plugins are the best I've heard!
    John McMillan
    Edmonton, AB
    August 31, 2020
    Excellent sounding interface. Very clean preamps and the plugins are excellent. The build feels solid as well. Very high quality for this price point.
    Montreal, qc
    August 1, 2020
    Excellent choice
    As a pc user I chose this as an alternative to the apollo and I love it. It's nice to have 4 good pre amps you can put effects on, especially voices can have an eq template to take some load off your daw, there's a diverse library and honestly I don't even regret not having the pc integration for daw integration of the effects, Read more
    Roman Schmitt
    Montreal, QC
    July 21, 2020
    As mentioned above I was highly surprised by the quality and ease of use of the interface. As a pc user I had no real choice to pick UAD so I went for the Discrete 4 synergy core and It's perfect, I highly recommend it in combination with their mics, Read more
    Rémi Leclerc
    Montréal, Qc
    April 26, 2020
    Une superbe interface audio
    Après avoir beaucoup magasiner pour une très bonne carte de son compacte, j'ai fais mon choix pour la Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core et je ne le regrette pas du tout. La fabrication est exemplaire. Les caractéristiques impressionnantes et j'apprécie beaucoup avoir quatre excellents préamplificateurs. Read more
    Mathieu Charron
    Montreal, QC
    January 27, 2020
    Antelope discrete 4 synergy core
    Amazing interface! I went to studio economik not sure what to buy and their representative recommended the antelope discrete 4 and i do not regret it. The sound is super clear its a high level performance interface! Very professional sound for a very reasonable price. Read more
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